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A rubber suction cup connected to some wooden dowel manage utilised to develop suction inside a drain line or possibly a toilet to drive a clog from the line.

Diaphragm: A versatile membrane in a valve that deflects down onto a rigid area of your valve entire body to control water stream in the supply traces. This removes the potential for particles Create-up throughout the valve.

Pipe built to discharge water by means of small, various, intently spaced orifices or nozzles, placed within a phase of its circumference for irrigation uses

The lowest point in a very drainage method where by the inside drainage pipes fulfill and are conveyed it to your sewer.

Electrically-powered flexible cables that generate heat and could be wrapped around uncovered pipes to circumvent them from freezing

Flush ball. the transferring part of the flush valve that seals the water into the tank or lets water to exit the tank to the flush cycle. The commonest alternative part employed on conventional toilets.

Solder: A metal alloy that's melted to produce a fused joint among steel pieces. Also the act of melting solder into your joint.

The moving Component of the flush valve that seals water in or permits water out of your tank in the flush cycle. Also referred to as the flapper, flush ball, stopper and seal disk.

Type of drain assembly for lavatory and bath. Any time a lavatory raise rod or tub overflow plate lever is lifted, the pop-up drain closes Hence the lavatory or tub retains water

Sink drain fitting consisting of a strainer overall body attached for the drain opening in addition to a removable basket. Also called a strainer

Ballcock: A valve in the tank of a gravity-operated toilet that controls refilling with the tank. It's connected to a float through a steel arm. Just after flushing, the toilet refills right up until the float rises superior adequate to shut from the valve.

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A round vessel with sloping or curved sides that retains water for washing. A bathroom lavatory or sink.

Damp Vent: A pipe that both equally drains wastewater and vents air into your drains. Connects two or even more fixtures.

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